Sara Cocker's Story

Tuesday 12th July , 2016

"My dad came home from work and said 'They're holding auditions again for that CYAC.' It was Summer and I was going to graduate jobs fairs in sport halls, picking up leaflets for jobs in Gas that I wasn't interested in, leaving without speaking to anyone. 

By September I was up in Space 3 twice a week, feeling more excited about what I was learning than I had in 3 years of University. I loved my time as part of CYAC and when it was over, Contact kept the door open. Like it does for so many, the organisation held out an open hand; offering opportunities, pointing ahead, giving encouraging pushes in the right direction. 

Over a few years, I was allowed to experiment and develop through a proper variety of projects: as part of the Youth Marketing Team, facilitating workshops for the Creative Experts programme and volunteering, then participating, then assistant directing on Contacting The World. When Eggs Collective was a big open-door collective of female artists, Contact offered space and support. When we started to operate as a company of three performers, Contact gave us our first commission make a full length show. 

For me, Contact is where things started to happen. I was lucky to have done acting classes and academic courses, but still felt adrift somehow. I was 23, an age where many developmental schemes and opportunities are already closed down to you (which seems crazy!). Contact offered a real alternative and a real direction. 

I can trace so many threads of my life back to connections made at Contact. I remember being so nervous about calling box office to book my CYAC audition that I almost didn't do it. I probably don't need to say that I am so glad I did."

Mistletoe and Grime

Mistletoe and Grime

Story by Sara Cocker