Louise Wallwein 'This is more than a stage'

Friday 15th July , 2016

Louise Wallwein is a poet, performer and director, with a thirty year history with Contact. Her poem 'This is more than a stage' was commissioned to commemorate the launch of Making Contact.

This is more than a stage

More than a launch pad for those whose dreams march

It’s a learning curve

A transformational half pipe

For those whose dreams perform death defying leaps 

out of the dark

Doors are opened here

By eyes that recognise those strange young drifters

To gaze at the wanderers who understand the night

Taking flight from the ordinary

For those in search of the mirror

To show the world how to gaze at itself

This stage is the whole of the world

For those who have the courage to step out and run brazenly

Through the corridors of time

Each one a glimpse into the eye of the storm

If the whole world is the stage then this be the universe

For those who find their own space in defiance of gravity

This is more than a stage

This is the universe

Giving birth to exploding planets

Where you can fly with like minded others outsiders

Who know exactly what their intention is

We expand like the constellations

Reinventing conventions

Stretching boundaries and borders

The show goes on here

Beyond the stage in all the nooks and crannies and intriguing dark corners

Each new idea, each poem written, each monologue spoken

An eruption

Each truth uncovered from the dust that rises through the floorboards

This is more than a stage

This is a book that has the magic ability to writes its own page

This is a launch pad

A half pipe here when you learn to fly, you can learn to fail

But only spectacularly

This is more than a stage, this is a safe haven from the world out there

And when the streets are burning

Lit by the real time real world post coded rule of divide and conquer

This stage is the place to bring the fire inside, make contact with the flame

And give it an ovation

The company of 'Chasing the Dragon' performed at Contact 1988

The company of 'Chasing the Dragon' performed at Contact 1988

Story by Louise Wallwein