Curtis Flowers' Story

Monday 15th August , 2016

Curtis Flowers is an actor and writer. He was a participant at Contact from 2000-2005.

'Contact gave me access to Theatre, Dance, Performance, Art, Music... Everything expressive. I feel grateful to have been exposed to all of these disciplines through such a creative hub. 

'Storm,  SlamDunk and Car Trouble are projects I was fortunate enough to be involved in. Car Trouble was a project I was luckily chosen to be a part of and was the first time I had ever performed, in any way, in front of people and audiences.  The show was a success, but it was the process of creating, the importance of Ensemble and the Friendship, guidance and support everyone gave each other which had more of a profound affect on me.

'Openness and Courage were qualities I discovered whilst working on all of these projects at Contact, these qualities always help inspire creativity and for me, always seem to get me out of those blocked creative places.

'The Contact community really did change my life!'

Curtis Flowers

Curtis Flowers

Story by Curtis Flowers