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Stephen Gregson's Story

Stephen Gregson is Director of Language and Culture. Here he talks about his time as a Contact audience member in the 1990s. Contact had an especially profound impact on me throughout the 1990s.  It really was my theatre of...

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Curtis Flowers' Story

Curtis Flowers is an actor and writer. He was a participant at Contact from 2000-2005. 'Contact gave me access to Theatre, Dance, Performance, Art, Music... Everything expressive. I feel grateful to have been exposed to all...

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Charlotte Bryan's Story

I worked for Contact in the marketing/sales team between 2015/2016 and it was a fantastic year (despite my daily commute from Sheffield!). One particular memory that sticks out was working in the building during Contacting...

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Louise Wallwein 'This is more than a stage'

Louise Wallwein is a poet, performer and director, with a thirty year history with Contact. Her poem 'This is more than a stage' was commissioned to commemorate the launch of Making Contact. This is more than a...

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Sara Cocker's Story

"My dad came home from work and said 'They're holding auditions again for that CYAC.' It was Summer and I was going to graduate jobs fairs in sport halls, picking up leaflets for jobs in Gas that I wasn't interested in, leaving...

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