Adam's Story

Monday 11th July , 2016

"I took part in this project because I was intrigued by Contact, it has that affect on people when they first see it from what I’ve gathered. The fact this project was film orientated was perfect for me because I'm an aspiring film maker and so I needed more experience and this definitely offered that so it was a no brainer whether to take part or not. My favourite person we interviewed was John McGrath, he was also the first so he made a good impression and set the bar high for all the other interviews. We also learned lots from his interview, both about the ways we shoot and the questions we ask, so he's had a big impact on this film. There's been countless situations and moments I will never forget that took place during the production of this  film. We all quickly learned I personally had a problem with the giggles, which as you can imagine isn't helpful when filming interviews. Its contagious I always pass it on to the other crew members and like dominos we all one after another end up laughing our heads off. After a long day of interviewing, we're treated to a meal out, however picking a restaurant we all like is difficult but so funny because I'm vegetarian and they're always disappointed when I say we can't go there they dont make vegetarian food

In the space of a couple of months, I had met and heard about everyone's stories at the Contact, some dating back as far as the 1970s. The more I learnt about the building, the more I became attached and now similar to lots of other people I see it as my second home. I never know what to expect when I walk in, because I always leave with way more opportunities. This project has taught me more than I expected, I now have much better interviewing, camera operating and management skills, these will come in handy when I go on to make my own films. During my time working on this project, I enjoyed all the responsibilities that came with making this film,  I am more driven now when I work which is why Im confident making decisions and conducting interviews now.  I will miss traveling across the UK, collaborating with the other participants and having an overall fun time. I feel proud I have contributed to this film because it celebrates the Contact's past. However I am most looking forward to whats to come. Theatre makers of the future will produce a generation of performances like no other and Contact will be their medium."