Abigail's Story

Monday 11th July , 2016

"I first discovered Contact through a film workshop they were hosting, which automatically caught my interest, because I have never been to a theatre which enabled the public to do a class for free with a local production company. From there I was able to join Contact with their project 'Making Contact.' By doing this and working with other individuals who have a passion for the arts as much as I do, it has helped me gain more confidence, become more aware of myself and gain more experience making video projects. 

I have met some great people along the way behind and in front of the camera, who have inspired me. My favourite interview was when I had the change to go to London to interview Stacy Makishi. She was great to talk to and gave me confidence to pursue my career. I am grateful for Shereen and Junior for giving me this opportunity in the first place. Even though I had a full time job and was in full time education, they made sure I never missed out. 

I have got a lot of respect for Contact and what it achieves, it caters for all people no matter what and will always help them along their journey to becoming what they want to be."