Behind The Scenes

Blog posts from the film group about their experience of the Making Contact project, what they've learnt and their favourite memories. It's been an intense 6 month project, we've travelled all over the country meeting some brilliant people who have shared their Contact story with us. 

Alistair's Story

"Over the last 6 months I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to my heros in the arts. I've found out vital information about the history of my spirtal home Contact. The thing that I'm going to take away from this...

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Abigail's Story

"I first discovered Contact through a film workshop they were hosting, which automatically caught my interest, because I have never been to a theatre which enabled the public to do a class for free with a local production...

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Jervice's Story

"This project has been amazing to be part of over the last six months. I have met many individuals from different backgrounds. The project has enabled me to see the work and dedication that goes into creating something and...

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Adam's Story

"I took part in this project because I was intrigued by Contact, it has that affect on people when they first see it from what I’ve gathered. The fact this project was film orientated was perfect for me because I'm an aspiring...

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